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ASP speaks with Isabelle Ramdoo, the Deputy Programme Manager of the Economic Integration Programme at the European Centre for Development Policy Management to discuss realistic policy interventions for reducing illicit flows of both physical and financial resources from Africa, especially within the extractive sector.

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Revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are an ambitious plan to change human society by addressing pressing global challenges such as hunger, gender inequality and climate change to name only a few. But the final goal, SDG 17, is more fundamental than the others, because if we fail to achieve it, we won’t be able to achieve any of the others. SDG 17 calls for the revitalization of the global partnership for sustainable development, an explicit acknowledgement that our collective ability to achieve the goals hinges upon our willingness to forge partnerships.

“SDG Target 17 is in many ways the most important,” said GRI Deputy Chief Executive Teresa Fogelberg.

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