23rd April 2018

Heineken Aims to Fight Report Fatigue by Sharing Sustainability Highlights


Image credit: Heineken

Would you rather?

Always have an orange spray tan

“Hundreds of sustainability reports are released each year and, while important, we understand that people don’t have the time and patience to sift through 100+ pages,” said Stephanie Johnston, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Heineken USA.

“To help ensure that people read about Heineken USA’s sustainability progress in 2016, we decided to leverage ‘Would You Rather’ GIFs to capture their attention. For example, we give readers the option of reading our sustainability report or always having an orange spray tan. We wanted to catch people off guard, provide them with something unexpected and engaging.”

By utilizing GIFs, Heineken hopes to see a higher level of engagement with the report’s content, which highlights accomplishments such as reducing CO2 emissions by 21.5 percent since 2011, ensuring 78 percent of its bottles’ glass is recycled and using 28 percent less water globally than in 2008.

“Even though the GIF report isn’t as in-depth as a traditional report, we’re hoping people will stay longer on the site and be more engaged than they would otherwise be with a report,” added Johnston.

This isn’t the first time Heineken has thought outside the box to draw attention to its sustainability progress. To announce its 2015 sustainability report, the brewer launched the Brewing a Better World Digital Experience, which invited consumers to immerse themselves in a series of mini games while learning about the company’s progress, milestones and achievements throughout 2015.

Heineken plans to share the 2017 report through Facebook and Instagram in hopes of engaging an even wider audience in the sustainability conversation.

Brewing a Better World is one of Heineken’s six key business priorities. It focuses on six areas where the company and its brands can make the biggest difference:

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